About us

Thank you for visiting Floridella Boutique! :) Welcome to our community. 

Our goal here at Floridella is to bring our customers together to indulge in a unique,  eclectic, and inclusive shopping experience.

We want our customers to not only find clothing that is flattering to their figure, but to leave our boutique feeling proud that they made the right choice.

Floridella Boutique is located at 406 S Franklin Street in Downtown Syracuse, NY.


Hi, my name is Monica, I am the proud owner of Floridella boutique and a proud mother. I have two beautiful daughters named Andrea, and Alexandra.  Floridella started in Delaware with a mother and daughter's dream of owning a boutique.

We combined our passion for fashion with our ability to provide an enhanced, unique, and catered shopping experience to create what you now see in Syracuse, New York.  Floridella is a one stop shop with a wide array of beautiful clothing that caters to moms as well as daughters. 

Our boutique offers only a few of each style so you can be confident in your uniqueness.

We strive in bringing an eclectic mix of clothing as well as accessories. Some bold, some playful or minimalist, you pick and be fabulous!

Happy shopping!! Thank you for joining our growing community :)